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I’m passionate about teaching and bringing fun into the fundamentals of learning. I love teaching kids to change their mindset from, “I can’t” to “I can!”

Some highlights: At White House Pre-school we work hard to learn the basics for kindergarten. We also dabble with site words and basic Spanish terms such as numbers, colors and common greetings.


Please note your child needs to be 4 before they start preschool.

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Our Curriculum

Write and Spell their Name

All Leter Names & Sounds

Difference Between Upper and Lowercase Letters

Numbers 1-10

Count to 20

Colors and Shapes

Recognize Same and Different

Rhyming Words and Syllables


Hold Markers and Scissors Correctly

Days/Weeks/Months of the Year

Recite the Pledge of Allegiance

Basic Spanish (Greetings, Colors, & Numbers)


Weekly Online Stem Activities

Spotlight Student

Holiday Parties & Thanksgiving Program

Field Trips

We can’t say enough good things about White House Preschool and Miss Karrie’s online program! We have been so grateful for this opportunity to still provide a great preschool experience for our daughter when our circumstances made traditional preschool not possible. Our daughter is the youngest of five so we’ve had lots of different preschool experiences over the years and White House Preschool has been the perfect blend of foundational learning, confidence building, and fun. The lessons are structured well and are super easy to follow and, most importantly, our daughter has a really great time doing them!

Miss Karrie does a fabulous job of balancing her lessons with workbook time, activities and crafts, music and fun videos and she creates a warm and inviting environment for learning where our daughter has felt connected and engaged even though we are at home.  She has learned letter recognition and sounds, numbers, handwriting, days of the week, even beginning Spanish; everything she needs to be well prepared for kindergarten. It has been a great experience!

The McLane Family

Our Classroom

Here’s a quick peek at the fun, creative space that your children will enjoy while at White House Pre-school.

1004 W. Fir St.
Shelley, Idaho 83274

208-201- 8712

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